About The Phenologist

Little is known about The Phenologist. Rumor has it he has risked his life on mossy ledges to capture photos of mushrooms or a bird's nest, and that he keeps notes and sketches of plants and bugs in dozens of tattered notebooks. It is rare to catch a glimpse of him, for he prefers solitude, but you can tell he's been on the forest path before you if you smell the faint sweet scent of pipe tobacco. He braves the elements in any weather, taking note of the finest changes in flora and fauna, taking photographs to record nature's rhythms.

The following posts are accounts of his observations, and dedicated to his passion for nature and the seasons, taken in what he considers 'his woods,' somewhere in a quiet corner of Europe.

I'm actually the married mother of one son and two Cavalier spaniels, but when I have my camera in my hand and I'm picking my way down a wooded path, taking photographs of acorns and moss, I like to think about a character in my mind called The Phenologist; he helps me explore and discover all the intricate miracles that are to be found in nature.

Thank you so much for your visits. I hope you enjoy your walks in the wondrous forests of Austria with me.