Thursday, November 3, 2011

November Third

-the phenologist


  1. Dear Phenologist
    you are my window to a world i come from but left behind many years ago, hoping to return to one day. Tucked away in the never ending "un-seasoned" bone dry sameness of a southern california summer....your autumn pictures make my heart leap with joy and pain, filling my air with moist mossiness one can taste- i take a breath and move on.

  2. Dear B,
    Your note is much appreciated. I am so glad that these pictures speak to your heart. This place is dedicated to the beauty of nature, and the miracle that is the rhythm of the four seasons.
    Hope to welcome you back again soon.
    -the phenologist.

  3. I love the new blog, Dawn. I can't get enough of those mushrooms, that snail, that moss...
    It sorta like my woods here in Alabama, USA. I just wish I could capture it all in photos like you do. Glad you and the baby are doing well. Keep in touch!!