Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January Third

Blue skies today and oddly warm. Will we have snow at all this winter? The birds sing and hop around the branches like it's March.

Hopefully there will be some hard freezes before spring. If not, there will be a terrible amount of ticks and slugs this year.

-the phenologist


  1. i love the beauty in the simple life of nature on your blog- your photographs capture this amazing landscape amongst nature so well ;0)
    very inspiring!...i would have loved a sprinkling of the white stuff!, but only a sprinkling dusted Dartmoor for a few days before Christmas.

  2. Exquisite photos...off to look at some more of your posts now...I'm involved in a project to persuade winter haters to change their minds...I think your photos might help! If you'd like to be involved go to Making Winter at Flickr.